JR Castro was born to Juan and Carrie January 7th 1983 in San Antonio TX. JR’s Parents moved to Boerne Tx in the early eighties in hopes of giving his family a better life.

At the age of nineteen, JR found an infinity for music and songwriting. Immediately taken in by singer songwriter Katherine Dawn he found self preservation and honesty in songwriting.  After leaving high school JR was writing full time with adults twice his age in  Sisterdale Tx and across the hill country. Not only was JR writing but he was growing on a constant basis. As time pressed on his passion grew.

Being one who always liked the competitive song writing challenge, JR set his sights on Cheatham Street Warehouse. At the age of twenty one he packed his guitar fifty six dollars and moved to San Marcos Tx. There he discovered the truth in songwriting, preforming and listening. JR continued the cycle of writing and preforming through out New Braunfels, San Marcos and San Antonio Tx.

At the age of twenty three , JR recorded his first album “ Addicted”. Engineered by Chad Garrett at Tribal Recording Studios he got a feel for the studio environment. Produced by Jackson Parten and Dan Oliver he received his first insight on music at a full band capacity. Pushing forward through the years his passion and thirst for the stage grew.

At the age of twenty six , JR discovered his love for poker. Realizing his talent, patients and reading ability he harnessed this tool to pull forward in life. Utilizing the money and skill to survive as a singer songwriter his ability only grew. You can find him from table to table across San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin and the World Series Of Poker circuit events.

At the age of twenty seven, JR recorded his second album “ See You Soon”. Engineered by Jerry Clayton at Radio Dog Studio’s he combined his writing with blues and rock. Produced by Jackson Parten he was blessed once again, with talent like Ryan Shortt, Keegen and Kyle Reed to top it off. Rolling through Texas one song at a time his vocal strength and delivery grew.

Hosting the “ Unforgiving Song Swap” All across Texas, JR finds talented and original writers and brings them to the forefront of music and the stage today. In Sisterdale Tx every Sunday you can find him hosting the songwriter afternoon in memory of his friend Kent Finlay.

JR is currently living in San Marcos Tx were he spends time with friends playing poker, fishing and reading when he is not on stage sharing his soul in songs.